Best RV Kitchen Accessories (#6 will surprise you!)

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RV Kitchen Accessories - Travel Trailer

The best RV kitchen accessories are economical and have multi-purpose or practical uses. Remember that iconic 80’s cartoon figure, Inspector Gadget? He was a ready-for-anything detective who would bust out one of his hundreds of gadgets at a moment’s notice.

While you may not be pulling an umbrella out of your sleeve or a pair of binoculars out of your hat, you can be well-prepared for whatever your road trip cooking adventure throws at you.

These ingenious tried-and-true space-saving items aren’t your typical gadgets and gizmos. It’s a small cache of RV kitchen accessories that will have you saying, “How have I lived without that?”

Top-Ten Lineup of the Best RV Kitchen Accessories

These five-star rated gadgets are must-haves for every camping enthusiast.

1. Instant Pot (7 RV Kitchen Accessories in One)

Instant Pot - Best RV Kitchen Accessories

Read my article including a few basic recipes for the not-so-scary instant pot. This wildly popular product can help you cook everything from roast beef to cheesecake. And in a fraction of the time of a regular oven, all without heating up your RV.

This five-star instant pot on Amazon has the functionality of seven different RV kitchen accessories: rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, sauté pan, slow cooker (Crock Pot), warmer, and pressure cooker.



2. The Immersion Blender

Immersion Hand Blender for the RV

I’ve had one of these things for years. And when mine finally bit the dust, I bought another one just like it.

Instead of having a hand blender, a stand mixer, and a whisk, I’ve found this 12” immersion blender to be my go-to.

Some may say, “Wait a minute! A stand mixer is better for blending ingredients like sugar and softened butter or whipping cream.”

You’re right, but who has the space for that in an RV or travel trailer kitchen?

And to be honest, for simple cake mixes and brownie batters, I’ve found that the immersion blender does quite well. For use in a small space, you can’t beat the action of this machine.

I’ve used it to blend soups, get the lumps out of gravy, swirl up a smoothie (even with chunks of ice thrown in), prepare sauces, blend salad dressings, even chop nuts (with a special attachment).

You can use it with hot or cold foods, in tall containers, short stock pots for one-pot cookery, and even wide-mouth mason jars (see below). Clean up is so easy. Just remove the blender attachment and wash it – that’s it!

Prices for a good immersion blender range from $39-$200. My personal favorite is this KitchenAid Hand BlenderKitchenAid Hand Blender - Best RV Kitchen Accessories on Amazon. Priced on the lower end of the scale, you get a lot of bang for your buck!


3. The Pampered Chef Paring Knife

Pampered Chef Paring Knives - Must-have RV Kitchen Accessories

I love these knives! You get three in a pack for only $15 on Amazon, and they are guaranteed for five years! With over 500 reviews on Pampered Chef’s website, they are rated 4.8 (pretty darn good for a little knife!Small Paring Knife for the RV.

Use them for paring fruit as well as cutting and slicing foods such as vegetables and nuts.

I was skeptical that a knife this cheap and compact was going to hold its own, but I’m glad I was proven wrong.

This RV kitchen accessory is a must-have – I don’t hit the road without one!


4. The AeroPress (boondocking salvation)

AeroPress - Perfect for RV Boondocking

My husband loves coffee. I mean loves coffee. He affectionately calls himself a “slave to the bean” and makes no apologies for his constant quest for just the right cuppa.

He has roasted his own beans, ground his own blend, purchased his own French press, and procured his own Bialetti Italian brewer.

His coffee snobbishness has reached new heights over the years, so when I happened upon an AeroPress (on Amazon) at a ladies’ Christmas gift exchange, I was intrigued.

Could it meet his high expectations while conserving space and doing all of it with a reasonable price tag? With trepidation, I ordered one for him, and to my delight, when he brewed his first cup, he said it’s the best cup of coffee he’s had in ages!

I may or may not have done a happy dance! In addition, there’s no electricity needed for this handy gadget, so you can easily brew up your best cup anytime, anywhere.



5. Nesting Bowls with a Sieve, Measuring Cups, and a Tablespoon

Nesting Mixing Bowls - RV Kitchen Accessories

You’ve gotta have some bowls for mixing, serving, and food storage. They are an essential accessory in your RV kitchen.

And you definitely want a space-saving nesting setNested Bowls for Mixing, Serving, and Food Storage, so why not get some super cute ones that include a sieve, measuring cups, and a Tablespoon?

This amazing set will only run you about $28 bucks, and it checks off all the boxes you’ll need to efficiently organize your RV kitchen storage area and feed your traveling companions.


6. Mason Jars (in an RV? Yep!)

Mason Jars - Excellent RV Kitchen Accessories

I mean, how can I call myself a Southerner and not make full use of Mason jars? I drink sweet tea out of them, I use them for canning, store spices, beans, and snacks in them, and I blend salad dressings in them.

In fact, remember the Immersion Blender recommended above? It fits nicely inside the wide-mouth Mason jars so you can blend dressings and shakes.

If you’re concerned about storing glass in your RV, get one of these canning jar box containers. Mason jars can be used for so many things (well beyond the kitchen), that once you start using them, you’ll never go back! Their versatility is one reason I rank them as one of the top RV kitchen accessories.

Mason jars come in all sizes, from small spice-jar-sized for your tiniest of storage needs to one-gallon-sized for storing things like lemonade or a hearty supply of rice. Shop around on Amazon for the size of mason jarsMason Jar sizes on Amazon you’ll use. Measure with the jars, drink out of the jars, pour from the jars, store stuff in the jars – the list goes on and on.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about the BPA found in some plastic containers, and your food items will be safe from moisture and those pesky camping critters that would like to help themselves to your foodstuffs.

Amazon sells them for cheaper than anywhere else I’ve found, but hardware stores and grocery stores often have a nice selection of Mason jars as well.


7. Mason Jar Accessories   

Drinking Lids for Mason Jars

OK, so this is supposing that you were convinced by my raving review of Mason jars (above) that you’ll actually use them. LOL!

First, you need proper lids and bands to seal the jars’ contents. You can find these anywhere Mason jars are sold. Then, get yourself some write-on/wipe-off stickers and an accompanying pen to label the jars’ contents and you’re golden.

My other favorite Mason Jar addition is a set of no-spill drinking lidsMason Jar Accessories.

Also, why not get a pair of fashionable lids that will transform your Mason jar into a liquid dish soap or hand soap dispenser?


8. A Collapsible Colander

Collapsible Berry Colander - Best RV Kitchen Accessories

It folds up flat after you use it too. Easy peasy. I recommend two sizes – one is the collapsible berry colanderCollapsible Colanders in Varying Sizes for fruits, individual servings, and other smaller items. It fits perfectly in the narrowest of drawers.

Get a medium or large size to drain your pasta, rinse beans, or wash large vegetables. It can even double as a countertop fruit bowl.

Collapsible colanders are practical RV kitchen accessories that won’t break the bank either, with prices ranging between $10 and $20.


9. The OXO Smooth Edge Can Opener

Smooth Edge Can Opener for the RV

While we’re talking about products that add some comforts and functionality to RV living, let me just say that this can openerOXO Can Opener for Camping has changed my life. Truly!

It cuts below the can’s edge so that it doesn’t leave a sharp edge around the top of the can. Perfect when you ask your kiddos to open a can for you! And much safer for us adults, too. If you have weakness or arthritis in your hands, you’ll definitely appreciate one of these.

Also, once cut, the lid fits perfectly back on top of the can to seal the contents for easy storage. No need to put your half-eaten can of corn in yet another storage container.

No need to wash this can opener every time you use it, either. The turning wheel never touches inside the can’s contents, so it stays clean every time. It’s compact for easy storage.


10. The Thermo Pro Instant Read Food Thermometer

Thermo Pro Instant Read Food Thermometer - RV Cooking on the Grill

No more guesswork with your grilled meat. This compact foldable thermometerFoldable Thermometer is next-level good with almost 20,000 excellent ratings on Amazon!

Within a mere 3 to 5 seconds, you’ll know your meat’s temperature.

And while similar products have a one-year guarantee, this one is guaranteed to last for three years! Seriously, an excellent product.


The Best RV Kitchen Accessories Simplify and Enhance Your Life

Some of us are collectors of kitchen gadgets, or we know someone who is and they tend to gift us with gizmos we’ll never use. Even the kids get things like a cereal bowl with a built-in straw, a pancake batter crayon, and puppy-dog egg molds.

Recreational Vehicles obviously don’t have space for quirky items like these. Choose your RV kitchen accessories for functionality, versatility, and space-saving features. If there’s a gadget in your RV cooking domain you can’t live without, would you share it with us below?

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