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Harvest Hosts - Free RV Camping in a Vineyard

A Harvest Hosts membership allows you to enjoy free RV camping at unique locations such as:

  • working farms
  • orchards
  • vineyards and breweries
  • wildlife rescues and animal ranches
  • museums
  • botanical gardens
  • historical properties

As Harvest Hosts members, Vince and I currently have our sights set on camping at an Alpaca Ranch (read about these endearing, gentle cousins of the llama family) and an alligator ranch (for the curiosity and thrill).

There are also some incredibly interesting museums and visitor centers we never would have thought to visit. They aren’t your run-of-the-mill history lesson exhibits.

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What is Harvest Hosts?

RV camping with Beautiful Mountains in Background
Photo Credit: Harvest Hosts Gallery

It is a network of over 1,300+ unique locations (and growing) where Rvers can stay the night for FREE!

These are some of the small businesses that help form the backbone of our way of life. And their owners are passionate about their chosen specialties.

In the farm category alone, experience flower and herb gardens, orchards, U-pick berry farms, creameries, cider mills, and maple sugar. Plus petting zoos, goats, cows, alligators, and even dinosaurs (a museum, not the real T-Rex!)

Harvest Hosts offers an off-the-beaten-path adventure as opposed to other cheap or free RV camping.

You have the opportunity to learn, explore, and possibly even participate in how things are made, grown, or cared for up close and personal. In some situations, you can even volunteer to ‘help’ for the day!

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How it Works

Airstream RV Camping - Free with Harvest Hosts
Photo Credit: Harvest Hosts Gallery

Free one-night stays are a members-only privilege. The annual fee is $79/year with a 100% money-back guarantee. It typically pays for itself as compared to only two nights at regular campground pricing.

Beyond those locations listed above, Harvest Hosts offers an upgrade ($40/year) to 360+ golf clubs and country clubs that will also let you stay the night for FREE!

How Many Nights Can You Stay?

Your membership agreement allows for a maximum 24-hour stay. If you want to stay beyond 24 hours, talk with your host. It’s up to them whether they invite you for a longer stay and under what circumstances.

Where Are Harvest Hosts Locations?

The website includes a general location map of all the participating businesses. You cannot see exactly who the Harvest Hosts are until you become a member and make a reservation.

In this way, the hosts’ privacy is protected, and they are not approached by the general RVing public. After all, they are not RV Parks, campgrounds, Walmarts, and such with open camping for everyone.

You may find yourself to be the only camper at their location or one RV of only a few camping on the grounds.

How Much is Golf at Harvest Host Golf Courses and Country Clubs?

The cost of golfing is the owner’s standard pricing. However, many properties offer discounts on golf, food, and more for Harvest Hosts guests.

And you don’t have to golf! Most golf club hosts also have a restaurant, gift shop, and other services. Golf courses are beautiful, peaceful locations to camp away from the hustle-and-bustle of busy RV Parks.

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Mind Your Manners for a Win-Win

Free RV Camping at a Farm
Photo Credit: Harvest Hosts Gallery

One primary goal of Harvest Hosts is to encourage and support small businesses. As entrepreneurs ourselves (Vince is a small business coach; I’m a local business marketer), it is our lifelong passion to advocate for and champion small business owners. So this is right up our ally.

Make a Purchase to Show Your Appreciation

Harvest Hosts campers are asked to patronize the small business they’re visiting. Make a purchase from the gift shop, eat at the restaurant, buy tickets to the museum, or pick up some produce, cheese, beer or wine – whatever the case may be depending on where you are staying.

Follow the Harvest Hosts Code of Conduct

To make this program work favorably for both RVers and business owners, ethical and respectful behavior is expected, including:

  • Your RV Must Be Self-Contained
    Your recreational vehicle needs to have an interior toilet, cooking facilities, and wastewater holding tanks.
  • Eating and Drinking
    Do all cooking inside your rig. No grills or campfires.
  • Make a Reservation
    Call ahead to arrange your visit (it’s best not to email). They don’t have reservation systems so a few days advance notice – even same-day – is usually perfect.
  • Gather Information
    Most details will be on the Host’s profile page on the Harvest Hosts website. But ask questions as applicable about things like timing, pets, where to check-in, water, electricity, and generators.

Respect for your host and their property is essential to the future success of the Harvest Hosts program.

Cheers to Harvest Hosts

RV at Sunset - Harvest Hosts
Photo Credit: Harvest Hosts Gallery

This is one of our favorite RV Clubs. It’s great when you’re on the road and want a place to stay for the night. Check the site for locations along your route and give them a call. Free RV camping at its best!

It can also be an RV camping destination that you build the rest of your trip around. And many Harvest Hosts locations are within close enough proximity that you could stay at more than one spot as part of your vacation.

Are you a Harvest Hosts enthusiast? Tell us all about it!

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