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Boondockers Welcome FREE RV Camping - Hosts or Guests

Boondockers Welcome is a wonderful host community specific to Rvers that may just revolutionize the way you travel in your RV.

It’s a free camping RV Club, boondocking on private property, as you pass through an area in your travels. The cost of annual membership easily pays for itself in two nights at paid RV parks or campgrounds.

Introducing Boondockers Welcome RV Club

GUEST Member Benefits
✓ One year subscription: $50 USD.
✓ You need a self-contained RV.
✓ Stay one or two nights as you’re passing through.
✓ More than 2,000 hosts and more added every day.
✓ 90-day satisfaction guarantee.
✓ Member bonuses and discounts.

If someone had said to me a decade ago that it would be a popular worldwide phenomenon to stay overnight in a complete stranger’s house (Airbnb) or to get into the car of a stranger (Uber, Lyft) to catch a ride somewhere, I would’ve thought they had lost their everlovin’ mind.

Fast forward to society today and that is exactly what millions of us are now doing!

Over the years, I have stayed in all sorts of unexpected and unique places – from RV camping at an animal rescue ranch in California to a loft apartment overlooking the city market in Tel Aviv. And I have never met any of my hosts!

What has changed? The internet. Now, with online reviews and instant verification, you can choose where to grab some winks and who will shuttle you to the airport with more confidence than any of us would’ve thought possible in days of old.

No More Walmart or Truck Stop Parking Lots!

Bookdockers Welcome is a network of more than 2,000 hosts across the globe. The types of host properties included range from a 100-acre secluded woods to a working cattle farm to a homeowner’s residential neighborhood driveway.

“We LOVE it. Great people, very friendly and helpful.”

As a member, you can visit host profiles to learn the styles of RVs their property can accommodate and other details. Personal profiles of hosts also include things like hobbies and interests, reviews from other RVers who’ve stayed with them, local attractions, and any amenities they are able to provide.

Though staying with them is free, some may offer electricity or hookups for a nominal fee.

Most hosts ask that you give at least 24-hours notice before you’d like to arrive. But some offer same-day reservations as they recognize RV travelers’ plans are subject to change.

Each host is as individual as the guests staying, so check them out first to decide what type of situation best fits you and your travel companions.

Become a Host with Boondockers Welcome

HOST Member Benefits
✓ 50% discount on Guest membership privileges.
✓ 3 months of Guest privileges for each member stay at your location.
✓ Great experiences meeting RVers across the land.
✓ You don’t have to host 12 months a year (maybe you’ll be gone RVing!)
✓ You can host any size RV your property will accommodate.

An RV Club Fully Supported by the RV Community

The experience of hospitality, whether you’re the giver or receiver, can truly refresh your spirit.

Boondockers Welcome membership offers resources for everything from social meetups and forums to route planning, lists of dump stations, and where to buy or sell an RV.

Check out Boondockers Welcome, save money, meet new friends, and let us know your own experiences as Boondockers!

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